Please enter your name here. Art. Germany asked softly. Audio. These are Userboxes that wikia users can add to their own Userpage to show what they like and enjoy! Please..?" #angst I guess MY interpretation of Poland . I guess MY interpretation of Poland . Germany promised Poland, kissing his cheek gently. Related: countryhumans < > Most popular. Previous article Poland Wyszukiwanie. Countryhumans | Germany Girl. Poland nodded, tilting his head up and resting his chin on Germany's shoulder, smiling as Germany planted a kiss on his forehead. Please enter your comment! Countryhuman Sleepover! He leaned in close and whispered to him. Title says it all :) Show more featured. Ich liebe dich." #kdkkkeocdko LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Chat. Most(by that I mean all) of the One-Shots are gay and lesbian so if you don't like please don't read #bxb #countryhumans #fem #gay #gayness #germany #gxg #love #poland #rasame #russia #uk All of the countries Former countries Featured Articles Stubs Unfinished Articles Express yourself . He didn't understand what was going on anymore. 180. Link. Above Poland towers Germany who had gotten over him so he could wake him up. RELATED ARTICLES MORE FROM AUTHOR. Poland frowned and immediately looked away scooting over but then immediately scooting back since the strain on his wrists was heavy. I'm so sorry you went through that... even though I'm the one to blame for it. VK. November 3, 2019 Liz explosion . Posted by 6 days ago. Poland decided he wanted to eat tomorrow and forced himself to look up at Nazi, rounding his eyes to make himself look like he was begging for mercy, something he knew Nazi liked to see. "Do you know what it's like to be split in half and slaughtered?". Again? Photo. VK. Polands hands shook and he did his best to hold the plate but he couldn't do it right. I'm sorry you had to go through it I love you so much I promise it won't ever happen again." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pinterest. He only grinned at this, drawing his tongue up and catching the droplets of blood. Grid View List View. Telegram. "Poland? Venezuela in real life is poor due to the Government and Political issues going around the country, as of 2019. Read thicc girl (rusame from the story one shots countryhumans (sin) (Lot Of America X Russia) by RussianEmpire2005 (R.E) with 618 reads. Poland ate the food obediently no matter how much he wanted to throw up or tell Nazi his cooking sucked. Nazi was just that type of masochist. Tumblr. Text. He felt the wounds running along his face like a river of blood that could never trully be fixed, his eyes clouded with tears as he fixed himself into the cold reality of pain and doubt. He managed. #notcompleted, What am I doing Triggers:DepressionPet playSlight goreMainly just fluff so your okay-. Poland froze up at this and slowly began to back up until his back was pressed against the wall. His hands shook too much. Finland is known for his rough personality in Finnish known as ”sisu”. Epilogue [WARNING: TR, sw(a)stikas, graphic depictions of violence, events of ww2. Sign up ... (Girls Only) March 24, 2016 GobiBubble . But this is like a girl version , still have to come up with a boi version. User account menu. 2019-10-11 - This Pin was discovered by Ala Matulka. Of course he knew exactly where he was immediately when he'd woken. Art. To put this on your profile, type {{Gender Non-Confirming}}. When Poland finally broke away, he just laid his head against Germany's shoulder, kissing Germany's neck gently and playfully. I didn't mean to scare you, did you have another one of the nightmares you used to... about me?" Welcome to the Countryhumans subreddit! jukom liked this . Quote. A look of concern now creased Germany's face, "Hey, are you okay? This Germany was cruel, mean and apathetic. Dec 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by ° Milou ° . #lgbtq Poland swallowed hard, again not wanting to enrage Nazi as that was never really a good idea. He asked softly, running his hands up and down Poland's back gently. Countryhumans... by Neko-chan. 232. He held a plate of steak and potatoes for Poland. 17 comments. #bloopers I hate talking about the dreams..." Poland whimpered, hugging Germany tightly and gripping onto the back of his shirt. All posts. 232. Nazi brought Poland food on the regular two day basis, one day basis if Poland was really good and submissive. countryhumans countryhumans fanart countryhumans poland ch poland Fanart my art. TAGS; Germany; Facebook. While Poland was chewing the last piece of burned steak, Nazi set the plate down and pushed Poland against the wall, gently sucking on his neck. The pain, the worry, the confusion, the anxiety, the hatred, the sorrow and the coldness. Video. report. This is the badge for anyone who identifies Gender Non-Confirming! Poland snapped awake, his eyes flashing open in surprise as he gasps for a breath of fresh air, sitting up quickly and gripping the sheets covering him. Telegram. 34.8k Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ‘countryhumansgermany’ hashtag Discover (and save!) "Thank goodness you woke up. Nazi smirked and sat beside Poland, drawing a hand slowly down the side of Polands face, leaning forward and kissing his forehead. He’s usually very cold, hard and maybe even sarcastic towards the ones he doesn't really know, and only prefers to hang out with one or two close friends. Poland of course leaned into it, trying to please Nazi. Browse through and read or take poland stories, quizzes, and other creations . Add to library 51 Discussion 98. Poland lifted his arms to his chest, hearing the loud clanging of the chains hanging from his wrists. He’s that guy who always carries alcohol with him everywhere he goes. #nomeanpeopleallowed 7 comments . Created blog post ... Poland; Portugal; Portuguese Empire; Prussia; Q Qatar; Qing Dynasty; R Republic of Hawaii; Republic of Texas; Republic of the Congo; Republic of the Rio Grande; Republic of Venice ; Roman Empire; Romania; Russia; Russian Empire; Russian SFSR; Rwanda; S … Nazi wouldn't have, but Poland was being so good and submissive he felt obliged too. Reality or Fantasy? LEAVE A REPLY Cancel reply. Poland whimpered and squirmed a bit in discomfort though this should've been the norm for him. gif Poland x Germany. WhatsApp. Germany pulled Poland onto his lap and held him close for a little bit, the two just holding the moment. Why had his love done this? Related: countryhumans. 23 notes Oct 28th, 2019. He tilted Polands head up gently with his thumb and kissed him gently, making sure Poland had room to move away if he wanted. Tumblr. Twitter. Pinterest. baguette girl its request time ! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Germany smiled a warmer smile than before and chuckled, "Well I aim to please." He felt it penetrate his skin.It sunk in deeper, and deeper...It broke his presence in half.He felt his own mind scattering into a thousand bits.His soul split in two.--. countryhumansxreader countryhumans countryxreader xreader russia america countryhuman germany country countryhumanxreader ussr northkorea japan thirdreich poland canada southkorea france britain oneshots. When mad or dr… Now, Germany was no longer what Poland knew he was inside. ReddIt. Countryhuman drawings Posts; Likes; Following; Archive; Poland the angel. I wanted to try out another artstyle. Poland lifted his head up as he heard foot steps echo down the basement steps, a soft flame in a lamp lit up whoever was walking down to him. This was the second time Germany had changed and Poland knew that... but it was by far the worst time he had changed. countryhumans Poland. I know you hate talking about it my dear but could you please tell me what you dreamed of? Happy Reunification Day XD. Eventually, Nazi just took the plate and began to feed Poland like he was a child. 23 notes. share. share. Nazi Germany walked down the stairs, his nicely polished shoes making clicking noises on the cold stone floor. your own Pins on Pinterest 53.4K 1.7K 62 (y/n) is a young 13 year old girl going to collage. The character predominantly wears a red beret, while wearing a military-style shirt. Poland only ever trully knew the kind, smart and determined Germany who had always stuck through problems and worked his way out of them. TAGS; poland; Facebook. this is not a you x Country thing More posts from the CountryHumans community. He wrapped his arms around Nazi's neck gently as if giving him a gentle hug. your own Pins on Pinterest Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Poland let's out a soft sigh and leans his head against Germany's shoulder, "Fine but only for you... --Poland woke up quietly in the dark depths of what seemed to be a basement, the shadows covering him like a blanket or a cloak on a cold winter night. 1/3. Ask. Please enter your comment! WhatsApp. You … Hot New # 1. lgbtq, 000, bloopers. If you don't see the type of Userbox you want, then you can request it to be made here. Why had Germany done this? #countryhumans ReddIt. He let go of Nazi then and whimpered, "P-please n-no, d-don't t-touch me..." Poland whispered. cute South Korea x Japan. He could hear the echo of a pipe leaking water onto the floor, the faint drip...drip...drip.... giving him goosebumps. He didn't trust Germany, how could he? This means your behavior or appearance does not conform to prevailing cultural and social expectations about what is appropriate to your gender. save. The animal blood: Russia Mexico America. Posted by 4 days ago. Poland tilted his head so that Nazi couldn't touch his face as easily, but Nazi was Nazi. Log In Sign Up. Germany told Poland softly, making Poland giggle. Vote. 177. #gay Previous article Broken Poland. hide. 180. Art. Therefore, he is show… It was food and if it was food Poland was lucky to have it. Nazi smirked at this and began to bite and nip at Polands neck until the tender skin began to break open and bleed. Generation of the Lost. In addition, some artists prefer to draw him without his cap and without his military uniform. UNDER MASS CONSTRUCTION Norway! "Thank goodness it won't happen again, I love it when your nice and kind and snuggly.". Read Poland x Germany from the story CountryHuman One-Shots by TheAmericanCommie (Sarcastic Bitch) with 9,130 reads. save. Germany frowned but nodded slightly, sitting up and pulling Poland into his lap gently, holding him close by his lower waist, closing his eyes, "I think I know what you're talking about. Next article is poland into space ? Please enter … The tears began to slowly fall from his eyes. Next article Rusia x USA. 238 Stories . Poland was in Nazi Germany's basement. If you still don't understand, then feel free to contact an admin on their message wall. When Nazi was done with that, he pulled back and licked his lips, almost satisfied with this, but he wanted Poland to feel more pain than just this small amount. this is a very sad guilty pleasure Poland would do anything for one moment of feeling hope and being loved. #countries These are Userboxes that wikia users can add to their own Userpage to show what they like and enjoy! We are a small (but growing) community of artists who draw … Press J to jump to the feed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Pinterest; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; im-not-loonie liked this . Germany only laughed softly. Filter by post type. Poland wondered why the daily routine had to be the same every single day. CountryHumans. Be Proud of who you are! Nazi laughed, sliding a hand out to caress Poland's face gently, pressing down on certain points he was considering slicing in half. Poland wrapped his arms around Germany's neck willingly and pressed into the kiss. Of course Poland wasn't normally loved very much anyways but still, Germany used to love him. kirafoch4ever liked this . Happy Reunification Day XD. report. Poland felt something sharp press against his skull. Close. Posted by just now. If you don't see the type of Userbox you want, then you can request it to be made here.If you still don't understand, then feel free to contact an admin on their message wall.. Countryhumans Poland 3,301 Likes, 24 Comments - asian noodle (@1ts_dmm) on Instagram: “sorry for deleting the latest one ;w; ——— #countryhumans #countryhumanspoland #ibispaintx…” I've held help on thi... #000 CountryHumans Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Vote. Countryhumans one-shots Fanfiction. countryhumans slovakia. Sort by: Hot. Poland didn't answer for a few moments as he was trying to catch his breath but after a little while he nodded slowly, "I'm sorry Germany, I had another one of the dreams when Nazi... You get the point right..? hide. please do not proceed If not 13+ as some stories to contain violence, depression, suicidal thoughts and in some instances, sex. cute South Korea x Japan. Polands submission to Nazi did indeed please him and he smirked, unchaining Polands hands and giving him the plate of food. But this is like a girl version , still have to come up with a boi version. This wasn't the Germany he knew. Posted by 1 day ago. please proceed with caution. Poland, instead of moving away, kissed Germany back gently, setting the hot chocolate on the bedside desk beside his lamp. "But I woke up before I could feel myself...actually become two..." Poland was now sitting upright in bed, a mug of warm hot chocolate in his hands with Germany sitting beside him, holding him close in an embrace. Twitter. Most popular Most recent. Discover (and save!)

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