C = Decade of design (1960's) Note that this wheel assembly is no longer a Thunderbird design, but was initiated for Ford vehicles. K - October O = (not used) 2 = Pinto (1971-1975) Modern Ford Part Numbers. ga('create', 'UA-47758046-1', 'fordclassics.com'); Markings E, F, G or H as the suffix digit at the end of the part number are also applicable. View Details . /* 728x90, created 5/7/10 */ Further information can be found here [Show examples] of original / genuine spare part numbers - empty - brand/model/type Original/genuine part number D - 1970 Climate Control. K = Edsel Both are wheel assemblies, but they have very different applications. Ford part numbers follow the following rules. The easiest way to discern if a part is a factory original or service replacement part is to check the fourth digit of the part number. Genuine Ford Parts Warranty. Ford Freestyle. M = Ford Motorsport SVO A few parts that predate 1954 appear to have been given this type of number. Happy New Years!! F - June B - 1950 While parts marked with "B" or a suffix that indicates a change would normally fit and work the same as the same part with an "A" suffix, you can't always replace a "B" or "C" suffix part with an "A" part, even though they are basically the same. This basic wheel was used on Thunderbirds from 1965-1967. $70.18 . It has a flathead v8 supposedly out of a 53 Merc and I am trying to find out just what motor it is. ‘A’ = Ford (identifies car line) ‘E’ = engine department. Because Ford is a vehicle manufacturer, we are required to meet Australian Design Standards. 8 = Year of the decade (1968) The second digit is the year of the decade the. Since we feature the full OEM catalog of parts for all Ford models we are sure you will be able to find exactly what you need. Most of our part numbers are original obsolete Ford parts, or "New Old Stock". J = Industrial Engines W = Lynx (from 1981) T = Light Medium Truck/Bronco (1974-1982) 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) Another part is provided for 1968 Ford Thunderbirds with fixed steering wheels, and it is C8MY-7A247-A (SW-649) with revision I.D. Note service parts gave a different fourth character as follows: Z = Ford Division Ford Model 82Y Pickup (830) 1 Ton. Ford Five Hundred. DG1Z-2001-F . Recent Posts. D = Falcon (1960-1969) Search our catalogue of Ford Parts & accessories. T = Truck Type what you're looking for and we will do our best to find it! 21 = 21st Day of the month. F = Electrical and Electronics Division (Product Engineering Office) We offer official OEM parts and accessories for your Ford vehicle. Boxed kits sold to dealers may have multiple part numbers on the various components inside the box, and the number on the box itself will be completely different than that of any parts inside the box. T = Light Truck/Bronco (from 1983) Y = Lincoln-Mercury Ford part numbers follow a system introduced about 1954 to help identify parts. Ford Parts are the original equipment for Ford vehicles and help restore vehicle performance and reliability. To view a list of parts and their details on the site’s catalog, enter the Vehicle Identification number or the required vehicle details, year, vehicle make and model, and specify the part category. (Yes, we checked...it was a work day.) E = Ford Truck (Cab Over Engine; 1970-1973) In addition, The Expert provides an interactive automotive and commercial vehicle product information system that helps you to find what you need to get the right part. U = Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) If you have questions about the spare parts you are searching for, please contact our expert customer support team. google_ad_client = "pub-3766400037069822"; Find Ford OEM part numbers on the official Ford Parts site, Fordparts.com. 5 interesting facts about Ford. Y = Mercury Bobcat (1975-1980) G - July Opel / Ford: XXXXXX: 6 to 10 successive numbers Examples: 6101344 6781890. ‘6’ = 1966 (identifies year within decade) With a discount off MSRP on all of our parts and nationwide shipping, you won't find a better place to get your auto parts. $13.52 . E = 1980 – 1989 OEM Ford Parts and Accessories for low prices shipped direct to you. R = Manual Transmission and Axle Engineering The part numbers are divided into three sections and have the format xxxx-xxxxx-x. OEM Ford Parts is located in the North Georgia area is one of the Largest Ford Parts Distributors in the Southeast. Ford Basic Numbers Page 4 of 24 CANISTER, FUEL VAPOR, BRACKET 9D665 CANISTER, FUEL VAPOR, EMISSION 9D653 CAP, OIL FILLER 6766 CAP, RADIATOR 8100 CAPACITOR 18801 Carbon canister 9D650 carburetor 9510 Gas CARGO BOX 55100 1L2Z-7855100-EA 89 x 21 x 14 CARGO BOX 55100 1L2Z-7855100-CA 71 x 31 x 16 CARGO BOX 55100 1L2Z-7855100-AB 90 x 27 x 16 Car Parts and Spares for FORD. Ford Original Equipment Parts. Looking for Accessories too? 1007 = Basic part number (Wheel Assembly) FORD PART NUMBERS TELL A STORY Here's how to decipher Ford part numbers, such as D1ZZ-6675-C, for example: The first two digits indicate year. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive promotional coupons and stay up to date on sales! This is why sometimes the part inside the package will have a different suffix showing on it. J - September To order a part for your Ford motorcar, you need to have a parts number, especially for older cars. X = Muscle Parts Program Ford Performance Parts; Featured Products. //