Prompt: “ANGST, soulmate au, getting together, winter, holidays, coming out, meeting families” I am really sorry, but I can’t really write that much? #10 in Baku 12/6/19 (update #6 in Baku 12/30/19) Ji-hyo couldn’t remember the last time she saw you looking like death was hot on your trail. But now the whole world knew about your relationship. | The noise was too loud for me to go back to sleep, so I pushed off my blanket and walked out of my room trying to follow the noise. I’m sure I went straight to bed after giving up on my calc test the next day. Chapter {Todoroki's POV}I became ill. His eyes opened wide in surprise and confusion. In our world soulmates were real, we He was your support system. @jeonggukkiepabo​ and I are excited to continue the story after this short hiatus (we’re only two weeks late lol) ANYWAY! What did I do wrong? would get soulmarks, two soulmates would share the same soulmark they could be masterpiece of a tattoo. Hehe, get ready to cry? Tommy is an orphan who always looked for trouble, having his best friend Tubbo by his side to try and steer him clear of it. But… then you find him. “Maybe Bakugo wasn’t ready to meet his soulmate yet.” Jiro said while playing with an elastic around her wrist. After a while of crying I looked at my Red riot clock and realized it was late and it was a school night. Please stay envious about happy couples that were lucky enough to receive a So I went and washed my face, to make it look like I wasn’t crying and tried going to sleep. skin that they moved on without you. What has gotten into you?”. I like you Kirishima and hope you can forgive me.” Bakugo said with his head down in shame. - Chapter 1 - BubblyBee - Minecraft (Video Game) [Archive of Our Own], honey don’t you be afraid, if we got nothing, we got us, 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia, I have never written soulmates in my life, I tried very hard and hope you all like it, I fought very hard against my inner angst for you,, i literally never know how to write thinvs without angst im sorry, it's fun making tiezui the dumber one in this. You didn’t think it would hurt this much. Just come back over and we can talk, yeah?”. The two figured the rest of their lives were set, until one day, their string pulled in another direction, following a stranger…. Lowkey soulmate AU angst request with Bakugo and reader being soulmates and knowing the other is theirs but Bakugo’s pursuit to being #1 hero pushes reader away (his mark on her body slowly fading but hers on him doesn’t fade)till she leaves? can be from either POV tysm A/N: Weeee my first request!! Unfortunately for you, Bokuto’s eyes immediately shifted into concern as he took in your puffy, red eyes. more often. Maybe it was his constant enthusiasm that never failed to cheer you up, or maybe it was the way you seemed to be the only person able to bring him out of his emo mood swings (until Akaashi showed up), but in some ways, Bokuto made you feel special. Her smile immediately fell into a worried look as she took in your state, rushing to your side to cradle you in her arms. You need your nutrients and probiotics to grow strong and healthy!” Bokuto teased as he pulled out two small Yakult bottles from his uniform pocket, waving them in your face. Roman smiled, “I’ll meet you soon.” he whispered. “Kirishima.” Bakugo said quietly but loud enough I could here him. Soulmate! He left me on read, oh. Angst 1 July sixth ... Nobody in class cared, I didn't have a soulmate, my mom wishes I'd never been born. English is not my first language so sorry if I commit mistakes. He needs to help her. You’re so caring and sweet. That plan went down the drain, however, when you opened your front door to come face to face with Bokuto’s beaming face. Are you okay?” No reply. #baku Show God, i had the urge to ruffle it- make it messy. “I’m sorry.” He said looking slightly sad. Romance Short Stories Hanahaki Angst Soulmate Soulmate Au ... You stare at your palm, the blue petals that had emerged from your own body laying innocently on your skin as if it hadn't caused you to go through intense pain. “So, may I interest you in some Yakult this fine morning? Summary:-  Omega’s are expected to be trophies and sit as if though they are a piece in a showcase, the Royal Omega Princess from the Caeruleum Kingdom was nothing like that. “ I said on the verge of tears. mind I away hope that wouldn’t happen to me, deep in my mind I programmed “Just the string itself had scared me. Some Must've been her friend. Back 2 U – Taeyong Soulmate AU. #todo pain anymore. My soulmate just turned me down. Soulmate AU Ok so imagine a soulmate au where you don’t physically feel anything until you and your soulmate first make skin contact. I’m still kinda on the fence about continuing this and since I am shit at coming up with titles, I was hoping I could ask for help with that, too. He smiles at them, trying to get away before they can say what he’s dreading. Why? eyes you fall in love immediately. I had my phone and keys on me of course. I rushed over to his place, not bothering to reply. We waved goodbye, but before we did, I said to him,"I'd be more than happy to waste my sleep texting you tonight." I broke the kiss and said “I was just kidding, I like you too.” I said with a wide smile and he returned it with a smile of his own. “So, Y’know how I tried to cut the string.” Bakugo said “yes.”I replied. Ji-hyo was right because your problem was all about “Taehyung,” you admitted the truth, sighing loudly. #oneshotcollection I looked behind to me to see a young lady about my age, if not younger, looking anxious yet tired in a way. you have been warned!! Please take well care, we love you! “And so I figured out Bakugo is my soulmate and he tried to cut the string, and when he couldn’t he said that he wanted me to tell no one and that we had to pretend this never happened. A/N: A soulmate au (first words your soulmate says are on your wrist in black and turn white when they’re said) with Taeyong of NCT. As volleyball slowly overtook his life, he had less and less time for his studies. You attempted to leave for school early, hoping to avoid him on the way and hiding in the library until classes started. She was in baggy, dark clothes and kept pulling the sleeves over her hands. Though, I couldn't help but feel ̶̶̶ happy about it. His perfectly split hair looked amazing on him. Not much to say about this one other than Allison made me do it (2021 is amazing but angsty and I needed some serious fluff so I wrote it myself smh) Anyways, enjoy :), Summery: AU in which once you meet your soulmate, you can hear them talking to themselves. This chapter contains spoilers for chapters 129-148 of the manga or S2 Ep20-25(I think that’s right) Not taking any chances with spoilers. I wasn't sure how but, it must've been because of my ̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ bad and unhealthy way of caring about myself. “I’m sorry about telling you I wanted to just be friends. I’m going to die alone! #tdbk Please don’t do that. Thank you for reading this far! Soulmate AU: Wherever your soulmate gets injured, flowers bloom out of the wound. How do I keep this a secret from my friends. “You looked like shit. Bakugo stared at me in shock then nodded his head and went to walk away. When they touch you, it … But he just smiles, nods, and thanks them. On it had his soulmate’s name, Janus Sanders, then a set of coordinates of where his soulmate was. You knew exactly what this meant. “Maybe.” I said sadly, Jiro reached over and grabbed a remote. But who was that girl and why did it seem so real? The mark may appear at a set time in the characters' lives – this time is often the eighteenth birthday or when a person goes through puberty. Organization for Transformative Works, Honey Don't You Be Afraid, if We Got Nothing, We Got Us, (part one) My voice grew more and more desperate with each word and still she ignored me. I love this boy so much. If you do, don’t be afraid to send me feedback or a request! #11 in Todo 11/24/19 (update #10 in Todo 12/6/19) (update #8 in Todo 12/9/19) Even in dangerous situations, he keeps a level-hea about him, never lets himself grow frightened, or loses himself to panic. Jimin, they say. You couldn’t handle the fact that you two had a history together. #bktd And Techno? #shouto Every 100 years, Jiang Wanyin sees Nie Huaisang reincarnated. Soon enough, fond memories of your childhood began filling with Bokuto at your side. But, it’s the same person every time just being reborn into a different body. For the past week we’ve been doing a good job pretending to just be friends, but Bakugo seems to be staring at me a lot. [[ Soulmate!AU where the first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your wrist ]] Levi was annoyed once again, as he caught the edge of his soulmate tattoo creeping out from under his sleeve. The clock hit midnight and ink appeared on his wrist, as if it slowly faded in, it was a bit darker than his skin not standing out too much but just enough. Well, he’s just a God who’s bored. It's where your interests connect you with your people. It read