Fast-paced fights, epic adventures, hard-hitting martial arts – these Asian action movies pack quite the punch when you want to kick your viewing into high gear. Poison Clan rocks the world! The ‘underground no-holds-barred tournament’ is a hackneyed martial plot device, but this one pits today’s top film fighters against each other. Ti Lung has over a hundred films to his credit, mostly martial arts but some strictly dramatic. This classic wuxia directed by Chang Cheh launched the ‘Venom Mob,’ a celebrated team of martial filmmakers. Most of this is shot in the dark, in the rain, with weird neon light. When it comes to video game films, this classic was a game changer. Furie was Vietnam’s biggest box office hit as well as the Oscar International Feature entrée and rightly so. Chow plays a coward trying to woo the always cute Christy Chung, the hottest student at his Judo dojo. Colaizzo has already done his own pass on the script, which follows the auction for Wu-Tang Clan's seventh studio album and its aftermath. It’s a throwback tribute to the old days of grindhouse fight flicks like what Cannon Films was putting out in the early ‘80s, updated for the new millennium. Training him are various teachers, including two crippled masters. This stars Iko Uwais, who is breaking into Hollywood with appearances in features like Mile 22 and Stuber, a small cameo in The Force Awakens and most notably, the lead role in Netflix’s original series Wu Assassins. When Donnie Yen launched this fictionalized account of Bruce Lee’s master, it was so popular that several copycat Ip Man films came out in its wake (Ip Man is a real historical person so there’s no copyright on the character). He's represented by CAA. With movies ranging from internationally recognized masterpieces to cheesy and gratuitously ultra-violent flicks, it’s time for “Netflix and Kill” as we take revenge on the villains who dishonored our family and the Shaolin Temple. Brittany Runs a Marathon helmer Paul Downs Colaizzo is set to direct the Netflix movie Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which purports to tell the true story behind controversial pharma bro … But it’s the martial arts here because making Cera into a convincing fighter takes a lot of special effects magic and a top-notch choreographer. Pierce Brosnan stars as a translucent caricature of Irish politician Gerry Adams. Jeff hails from Needham, Massachusetts and has never eaten a salad. He took over as fight choreographer in Ip Man 3, replacing Jackie Chan’s martial big brother Sammo Hung. Directed by Yang-Ming Tsai. Movies. China is plunged into strife as feuding warlords try to expand their power by warring over neighboring lands. Oof, that was Rotten. 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Love on Delivery is an earlier work with the same comic sensibilities playing on … The Karate Kid launched a four-film franchise, a Saturday morning cartoon, a redux with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith, and the YouTube series Cobra Kai, which is now headed into its third season. There are a lot of films out there loosely based on the life of the legendary Ip Man, including … For those unfamiliar with any of these action stars, here’s a starting place. After a shocking betrayal by his sworn brother, a general (Andy Lau) takes refuge at a Shaolin temple and learns martial arts from a crazy cook (Jackie Chan). The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It’s all about the fights. Complicated mix of Chinese history and myth, where old Shaolin friends find themselves on different sides, one a Ching general, and the other faithful to Ming. Kick back with epic showdowns featuring karate, kung fu and more. Headshot is an underrated ultra-violent example of what Indonesian fight films are doing lately. The original stars of The Five Venoms (a.k.a. For weapon aficionados, this is a masterpiece, an epic showcase of cold arm choreography and wuxia cinema. The hero gets violated somehow, then must find some hidden master who trains Kung Fu using the weirdest methods so the hero can take revenge for the finale. This is wuxia–the romantic Chinese genre of swords and sorcery that underpins so much of Kung Fu cinema. It was the most expensive Indian film and the highest grossing, spawning a sequel, Baahubali: The Conclusion, as well an upcoming Netflix original series Baahubali: Before the Beginning. Bollywood has been gaining steadily in the martial arts genre and Tiger Shroff is a prime example. With Sonny Yu, Yung-Hsin Chao, Ying Bai, Shao-Peng Chen. Shkreli later tried to sell the album on eBay for north of $1 million, but his legal troubles prevented him from completing the sale, and though RZA attempted to buy back the album himself, terms of the original deal prohibited him from doing so. Rent Shaolin Soccer (2001) starring Stephen Chow and Man Tat Ng on DVD and Blu-ray. The Flying Guillotine launched a series of sequels and knockoffs, including a 2012 CGI-soaked redux. Make your movie list and get Blu-rays and DVDs conveniently delivered to you with free shipping both ways. Once Upon a Time in Shaolin was recorded in secret over a period of six years, and a single two-CD copy was pressed in 2014. Jeff also served as Editor in Chief of The Tracking Board and has contributed to MTV Movies Blog, Hollywood Life magazine, Washington Square News and the Colorado Springs Independent. If you like Chow, this is a must-see. Instead this is hard-hitting street fights as Jackie doles out the damage on the road of vengeance. Love on Delivery is an earlier work with the same comic sensibilities playing on classic Kung Fu tropes. Most know his CGI-driven parody Kung Fu Hustle (also on Netflix), and Shaolin Soccer. ... Best Netflix Series and Shows. Directed by Hsin-Yen Chang. 'The Wilds': Did Mia Healey Really Shave Her Head for the Role. Female Strong films have always been a staple in the martial arts genre. Master Z aspires to create its own franchise, and it was announced last year that Zhang is on board for a sequel. There’s an extraordinary long take action sequence toward the end that earns Curtis her fight cred. In Hollywood, Jackie Chan is stereotyped for his action comedies despite several serious actioners from Asia. The lead is Scott Adkins, who starred in dozens of indie actioners like this, as well as appearing in Doctor Strange and Ip Man 4. Directed by Ho Menghua, who directed a lot of splatter horror films, and starring Chen Kuan Tai, a venerated Kung Fu star with nearly 150 credits, it’s another wuxia classic that became a cult film favorite, so much so that flying guillotines appear in many other successive unrelated films like The Heroic Trio and The Machine Girl. Netflix has all three of the original Daniel-san (Ralph Macchio) and Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita) films (the fourth was a spinoff–The Next Karate Kid–starring a young Hilary Swank as Miyagi’s new student). And for those newbies to the genre, here are also some of the must-see classics, just to get you started. The battle sequences are ridiculously corny and creative. The Five Deadly Venoms), Chiang Sheng, Phillip Kwok, Lo Meng, Lu Feng, Sun Chien, and Wei Pai, all made dozens of movies each, many together, shaping the industry for generations (Lo Meng made the most with over 90, the most recent being Ip Man 4: the Finale). Martial Arts Movies. Double World is a dazzling piece of eye candy with high-flying wirework fights choreographed by Hong Kong veteran Stephen Tung. With Sing Chen, Michael Wai-Man Chan, Kang Chin, Ting Chao. According to RZA, the sale was agreed to before Shkreli greedily hiked up the price of Daraprim, and that once Wu-Tang Clan learned of the buyer's identity, the group donated a "significant portion" of the proceeds to charity. Keep checking Rotten Tomatoes for updates! It’s a lot of shanking, not crisp choreography but rolling in mud, gritty and brutal. There is nothing like Baahubali. All the sets, locations and costumes are awash with monochromatic filters as a yin-yang parable, a symbolic device that works visually and dramatically. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no … Netflix has both Baahubali films in the original Tamil language version and the Hindi version with subtitles. The project itself was first revealed last week in an STX press release about Edelman writing the Pete Davidson-O'Shea Jackson Jr. movie American Sole. Even The Karate Kid follows this storyline, but The 36th Chamber of Shaolin is the King Daddy. Each film has its qualities, so much so that fans debate which is the best. While the hero (Robin Shou) and villain (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) had martial training as did many of the stunt performers, the other lead actors did not, and it shows. And Bolo is at his villainous best, raging like some steroidal psycho beast. Get unlimited DVD Movies & TV Shows delivered to your door with no … It’s directed by Yuen Woo-Ping, the renowned fight choreographer behind Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and the Matrix films. Nevertheless, despite the clichés, it’s a cult classic. The Grandmaster is from internationally recognized auteur, Wong Kar-wai, and garnered a dozen wins at the Hong Kong Film Awards, plus two Oscar nominations. In March 2018, a federal court seized control of the album following Shkreli's conviction for securities fraud, which required him to forfeit millions of dollars in various assets. It is an unparalleled fantasy film, so visually ostentatious with eye-popping CGI effects and absurd plot twists that it is astonishingly entertaining. According to Collider, The RZA and Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment are set to … There’s song and dance, and silly romance, and some of the most outrageous chariot warfare, sword fights, and insane weaponry ever. Most of our subscribers receive their discs within two business days. Fight scenes have come a long way since then. What’s more, as a pre-CGI film, the cheesy special effects just add to its campiness. Netflix astutely picked it up for the international market. It’s a beautiful film–Vietnam offers such texture, lush villages, boat communities, harsh ghettos, big cities, so colorful exacerbated by brilliant lighting schemes–and everything is cast in reds, blues, greens and purples. There’s fighting in mud pits, huge folding knives, machete chopping, shotguns, machine guns, grenades, and some excellent hand-to-hand. It’s like the martial arts take on torture porn. ... My Netflix List 2021 a list of 4 titles His Oscar picks have appeared on the LA Times' Envelope site, and he agrees with screenwriter William Goldman who famously said of Hollywood, "nobody knows anything." Deception is used as well as kung fu skills to move the plot on. The single take drone footage is groundbreaking. Backed by Shaw Brothers stable actors Gordon Liu, Alexander Fu Sheng, and Kara Hui, this film was the basis of many of the samples for the Wu-Tang Clan compilation album “Legendary Weapons.”. The Wu Tang seek to destroy the Shaolin Temple. Ip Man. Meh, it passed the time. Stephen Chow is known for an irreverent third wall breaking slapstick comedies, called Mo Lei Tau. If you’re not into Bollywood, just get through the first hour when the fight scenes unleash. For fans of martial arts movies, it’s all about long take fight scenes, because sophisticated choreography takes real skill to sustain. Colaizzo made his feature directorial debut with Amazon's acclaimed dramedy Brittany Runs a Marathon, which stars Jillian Bell in a truly fantastic performance. With Carter Wong, Chun-Erh Lung, Pao-Shan Chang, Shu-Tsai Chang. Anne Curtis, a Filipino TV star, astonished her fans with this savage actioner. However, Tiger’s fights are a delicious masala mix of martial arts, worthy of a taste for the uninitiated. Among the choreographers was Grandmaster Leung Ting, the last student of the real life Ip Man. Reminiscent of his films like Police Story: Lockdown and Shinjuku Incident, this is Jackie playing tragic roles, which is challenging for many of his western fans to digest. All three actors sell their strikes by really hitting each other–not at knockout force but enough to injure a normal person. The storyline builds complexity with each sequel, from the introduction of a child Bruce Lee until Ip Man visits Bruce in San Francisco. Van Damme is at the peak of his physicality and his signature splits remain his gift. Tony Leung stars as Ip Man alongside Zhang Ziyi and many authentic Kung Fu masters, including Yuen Woo-Ping who serves as choreographer and appears as Ip Man’s teacher. Triple Threat stacked the deck by adding even more martial firepower with Scott Adkins, Jeeja Yanin, Michael Jai White, and Michael Bisping. Jeff Sneider is the Senior Film Reporter at Collider, where he breaks film and television news and curates the Up-and-Comer of the Month column in addition to hosting The Sneider Cut podcast and the awards-themed series For Your Consideration with Scott Mantz and Perri Nemiroff. Rent Shaolin in the Wind (2008) starring Tang Chenglong and Wang Zihan on DVD and Blu-ray. Still want to view it? Most of our subscribers receive their discs within two business days. Pat E. Johnson, who is a genuine Tang Soo Do master and choreographed the original Karate Kid, does his best, yet the fight choreography remains dated. Directed by Hao Fang. Director Teddy Chan brings this brand-new visionary wuxia film based on a popular Chinese MMORPG that boasts millions of players. The sets are dark dingy dungeons. Nothing beats the original ‘Wax on, wax off’ as Daniel-san, the pioneering martial arts nerd who overcomes his rivals and gets the girl, Ali (Elizabeth Shue), who is way out of his league. It’s a little long-winded for those just looking for action, but the fights are imaginative and artistic, and the overall production is breathtaking. It’s a tale of intrigue and masked masters of the poisonous styles of centipede, lizard, scorpion, snake, and toad. Brittany Runs a Marathon helmer Paul Downs Colaizzo is set to direct the Netflix movie Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, which purports to tell the true story behind controversial pharma bro Martin Shkreli's acquisition of the sole copy of Wu-Tang Clan's album of the same name. Ian Edelman (How to Make It in America) wrote the script, and Wu-Tang Clan's RZA is expected to produce alongside Plan B, the production company owned by Brad Pitt. It’s a totally made-up weapon, but as ludicrous as it may be, it had legs. To ramp things up, Master Z adds Dave Bautista as a devious restaurateur and Michelle Yeoh returning to her martial roots after her scene-stealing roles in Crazy Rich Asians and Star Trek: Discovery. Beyond the choreographic artistry, The Grandmaster is a sumptuous spectacle. Nevertheless, Azreen is a genuine Taekwondo champion and delivers an extraordinary long take warehouse fight (warehouse fights are another timeworn cliché, but satisfying like comfort food). A young man, hounded by a psychopathic general, learns martial arts at the Shaolin temple to avenge his father's death. One of the most common plot devices in Kung Fu movies is esoteric training. There he endures an outrageous series of trials to learn Kung Fu, invents a new weapon, the three-section staff, and returns for vengeance. It’s an arthouse film that screened at noted international film festivals in London, Toronto, and Venice, and it is opulent cinema. Wong knows he has two gorgeous lead actors and frames their faces like a Rembrandt painting. Another real-life MMA champ turned actor, Gina Carano, has entered the spotlight again as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian. She plays a member of a DEA squad that gets lured into a drug kingpin’s trap in a labyrinthian shantytown and must fight their way out. And despite conflicts between the director and distributor, as well as the digital alteration to deepen Carano’s voice, her nascent talent for action and screen presence are on full display. Rent Shaolin vs. Baaghi showcases India’s indigenous martial art of Kalari, and yes, there are lavish song and dance numbers typical of Indian film. Menu. Since 1998, DVD Netflix has been the premier DVD-by-mail rental service. The original film is as cheesy as ever, but still retains its charm. Carano made several more indie actioners, along with appearing in Fast and Furious 6 and Deadpool, however Haywire remains her most interesting work. Netflix has all four installments, but start at the beginning. Start your free trial today. Get the best of Den of Geek delivered right to your inbox! A graduate of NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, Jeff started his career at Ain't It Cool News before moving to Los Angeles to write for Variety and later, TheWrap and Mashable. Cast out of the Shaolin temple after being defeated by a martial arts master known as Ippon-ashi (One-legged), an elderly woman known as the The Flying Guillotine is the ultimate medieval assassin weapon, a frisbee hat on a cord that when thrown over a victim, lops off their head which can be retrieved for a trophy with a quick yank. It’s a franchise that demands to be viewed in order. There were so many that Ip Man films can almost constitute a genre on its own. The duo also discusses finding the perfect actors for the real-life characters. It’s at the behest of the Emperor, set in a fantasy medieval world with dragons, giant scorpions, and fanciful arms and armor. There are so many great martial arts movies on Netflix. With Jet Li, Hai Yu, Chenghui Yu, Lan Ding. Legendary Weapons of China stars blood brothers Lau Kar-Leung and Lau Kar-Wing, two of the most prominent fight choreographers in the game, displaying their incredible virtuosity with a wide array of traditional Kung Fu weapons in a parade of duels. Rate this movie. These are not Jackie’s signature lighthearted acrobatic fights. The monks of Shaolin pin their hopes on a lone disciple to hold back the Wu horde. Gordon Liu plays San Te, a Confucian scholar who flees to Shaolin Temple when his school is outed as rebels by the dastardly Manchus. While Herman Yau’s The Legend is Born: Ip Man and Ip Man: The Final Fight added cameos of Ip Man’s real-life son Ip Chun, The Grandmaster elevated Ip Man to a critically acclaimed arthouse film.